John & Mattie Biggs

This website is dedicated to John Henry Biggs and Martha Jane (Mattie) Herring and their posterity.  Their lives spanned a period that included the American Civil War, WW1 and WW2.  They were contemporaries of events that transformed this country and influenced the world.  Their hard-scrabble lives displayed true 19th century Americana and from these beginnings, generations sprang, infused with values and ethics gained "the hard way".  Although John & Mattie would count themselves as ordinary people, their lives are worthy symbols of strength and character.

Do you have a desire to know more about our Biggs family?  ...searching here is a good start!  However, you'll gain more by picking up the phone and calling a cousin or uncle that you haven't seen for a while.  Nothing replaces good old-fashioned human contact.  So while you browse through the names and pictures here, promise yourself that you'll contact someone.  Then truly, something good will happen!

General contact information will not be provided on this website.  However, if you contact me (see below), I may be able to help.

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